Customer Review Of Newham Hotel

This is a Newham Hotel`s review of a paying customer.

  1. Hotel: Newham Hotel
  2. User Rating: 1
  3. Short Review: Slightly better than sleeping on the street (I emphasise “slightly”)
  4. Long Review: Terrible, terrible, terrible. Unless you’re going to watch West Ham United FC play a night match then choose another hotel. The rooms are small and poorly kept, the mattresses a full of springs competing to see which one can poke you in the back the most number of times, and the pillows are about as thick as a slice of bread (or maybe not quite). I had what sounded like a family reunion in the corridor outside my room from midnight to 2:30am which I heard through the walls which were even thinner than my pillow. Breakfast is included in the room rate but my stomach still hasn’t forgiven me for eating the stuff that was described as food but which didn’t look dissimilar to the mould growing in the bathroom. The staff were less than helpful both during the booking process and my stay. Find somewhere else to stay!
  5. Customers hometown: Wollongong, Australia
  6. Date of this review: 11/21/2012

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