Customer Review Of The Dorchester

This is a The Dorchester`s review of a paying customer.

  1. Hotel: The Dorchester
  2. User Rating: 5
  3. Short Review: The Dorchester – Meeting
  4. Long Review: Exqusite hotel. The highest level of service possible. Amazing restaurants and bar reminding you of a time past. Champagne in the Promenade. | Greeted immediately at the door and efficient check-in. The room was on a high floor but had no view, that would be the only minus but after staying for 3 nights I never really missed it. Huge bathroom and comfortable room. | The Bar, Promenade and The Grill all delivered excellent products. I highly recommend to stay at the Dorchester.
  5. Customers hometown: Istanbul, Turkey
  6. Date of this review: 4/1/2014

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