Customer Review Of Corinthia Hotel London

This is a Corinthia Hotel London`s review of a paying customer.

  1. Hotel: Corinthia Hotel London
  2. User Rating: 5
  3. Short Review: WOW what a place
  4. Long Review: We stayed here for two nights and had the best time we have every had in London. It was fantastic. I really enjoyed the spa and had a massage one day. It was the best massage I have ever had in my life! | We had tea in the hotel and it was delicious, the best bit was the carrot cake! | The best thing about this hotel is that the location is superb, the staff are so nice and happy to help. | At the end of the day you really look forward to going back to the hotel. | Perfect stay
  5. Customers hometown: Paris, France
  6. Date of this review: 5/17/2014

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